Is shrimp high in potassium

Is shrimp high in potassium

155mg of potassium are present in a 3-ounce serving of cooked shrimp. As per a general rule if a food contains less than 200mg of potassium per serving, it should qualify as low-potassium.

What are shrimps

Is shrimp high in potassium

Shrimp is a common type of shellfish. There are several types of shrimp – most commonly Caridea and Dendrobranchiata – which are decapod crustaceans with elongated bodies.  In addition to being nearly as nutritious as most other foods, it also provides a high amount of certain nutrients, such as iodine. Shrimps are also high in potassium.

Is shrimp high in potassium: their potassium content

Consuming three ounces of shrimps provides with 155mg of potassium. According to the general rule, if a food contains less than 200mg of potassium per serving, it should qualify as low-potassium. Thus, for those on a low-potassium diet, eating shrimp in small amounts is safe.

As long as small portions are consumed, shrimp is relatively low in potassium. Moreover, this kind of crustacean is rich in a variety of nutrients that can provide you with health benefits and help you prevent illnesses. In spite of this, when consuming seafood, you should remember that it contains a substantial amount of mercury, which can adversely affect your health. You should consume seafood in moderate amount.

The shrimp is also a great source of protein and other nutrients, which makes it a healthy, balanced addition to your diet. In addition, shrimp has lower potassium levels than any other seafood, so if you’re a big fan, you should know. Therefore, it can be safely incorporated into a low-potassium diet without causing any issues.

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In addition, shrimp contains very little fat. What it does have is healthy fat that doesn’t raise your bad cholesterol. Thus, shrimp consumption can help you stay healthy and ward off many illnesses.

Health benefits of Shrimp 

The nutritional profile of shrimp is impressive. Even though shrimp is low in calories, it is very nutritious. There are only about 84 calories in a standard 3-ounce serving, with most of them coming from protein. 18 grams of protein are found in one serving, which is a lot for an adult of normal body weight.

A shrimp is also an excellent source of iodine, a mineral many people are deficient in. Healthy thyroid function and brain function depend on iodine. Furthermore, shrimp are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants called astaxanthin, which may have a variety of health benefits.

Listed below are the nutrients in three ounces (85 grams) of shrimp base on data obtained from USDA:

  • Amount of calories: 84
  • grams of protein: 18 grams
  • Selenium: 48% of RDA
  • Folate: 21% of RDA
  • Iron: 15% of RDA
  • Phosphorus: 12% of RDA
  • Niacin: 11% of RDA
  • Zinc: 9% of RDA
  • Magnesium: 7% of the daily recommended intake

What to look for in high quality shrimp

  • When choosing shrimp, make sure they are fresh and not damaged, infected, or contaminated.
  • Raw shrimp should be firm when purchased. Translucent shells of grayish green, pinkish tan, or light pink in color are preferred. Edges that are blackened or spots that are black on the shells are indicative of quality loss.
  • As well, your cooked shrimp should be white with a slight pink or red tint, and firm in texture. Shrimps should also smell mildly saline, oceanic, or salty when raw and cooked. If the shrimp has a fishy or ammonia-like odor, it’s likely spoiled and unsafe to eat.
  • Moreover, you should opt for a supplier who can answer your questions regarding the country of origin and handling of shrimp.

The best shrimp recipes

Shrimp recipies

Following are some of the best and the most easiest  shrimp recipes:

  • Cocktail of shrimp: There’s nothing as luxurious as shrimp cocktail.
  • Shrimp Scampi:  It basically is wine + butter + olive oil + a lot of garlic + shrimp = happy scampi. Shrimp is everyone’s favorite.
  • Cajun shrimp pasta:  It’s a quick weeknight treat made with butter, cream, parmesan, and some Cajun seasoning.
  • Shrimp Alferado:    The dish is comforting, a little romantic, and pleasing to just about any palate.  
  • Shrimp Fajitas: Savory skillet shrimp fajitas, seasoned with taco seasoning and lime juice
  • Meditteranean shrimp: This shrimp recipe is perfect for summer! It’s so savory and satisfying when it’s tossed with olives, artichokes, and feta cheese.
  • Easy pesto shrimp: You’ll love this quick shrimp stir-fry. Easy shrimp recipe that comes together in just 20 minutes with store-bought pesto and shrimp. You can serve it over pasta, or even over rice
  • Honey garlic shrimp: This quick stir-fried shrimp dish is absolutely delicious. It gets ready in just 20 minutes.

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